Privacy. Yours and ours.

What we’re doing to respond to changing global expectations and improve our organisational approach to privacy.

What’s changed?

You’ve no doubt noticed that throughout 2018, almost every company you’re in contact with is making changes to their privacy policy. There are a few reasons for that, but at the heart of it all, there’s a shifting expectation in the marketplace today when it comes to privacy.

Social media giants and innovative tech companies are using more and more of your data to shape your experience online. All-the-while, more and more sophisticated tools are making it easy for organisations to personalise your experience online… if only they had more data.

In response to this, countries all over the world are tightening their data security legislation. Ensuring companies meet specific standards when it comes to data capture, storage and the expectations set if a data breach was ever to occur.

What does that mean for AusIMM?

It means we have to change. We have to adhere to more stringent legislation and do more to protect and defend the data we keep of each member and contact on our database.

It means the work on our digital transformation has had to consider the management of community mailing lists, unsubscribes, data storage, security and balance all of this with a desire to present you, the member, with a captivating a personalised experience – on whatever platform is useful to you.

What does that mean for members?

It means we’re tightening security at every level, starting with the new website.

Logging into the new website will require a new password, for most of you, this will need to be a stronger password, but don’t worry – we’ve got an easy way of showing you how to create a stronger password.

In addition, the new website brings with it a new way to see and manage your data. Your data will largely be in your hands. We’ll make it more visible and easier to edit and improve than ever before.

It also means we’ll be using as much of the data as we can to continually improve the ways we personalise and serve up experiences to you – from event and product recommendations to recent news and more.

What does that mean for branches and communities?

It means we can’t share spreadsheets of member data, or collate mailing lists anywhere other than with the AusIMM Management Team. This is a critical step in ensuring every member can be confident that their personal contact information won’t make it into the wrong hands.

It also means we’ve had to get creative on how we still meet the communication needs of branches and communities… We’ve outlined that in detail here: A brave new world for branches and communities.

When does all this happen?

In the coming weeks, we’ll let you know about our new privacy policy which brings a lot of these items into sharper focus. For members, this is about the AusIMM’s commitment to you to ensure your personal data remains just that. Personal.

Later this year, with the new website, you’ll see a dramatic improvement in the visibility of your data when logged into the website. This will also feed our ability to serve you personalised content.

What if I have questions?

Please, take the time to read through the documentation we’re providing on this site. We’ve spent the time to distill highly complex problems into clear strategies that work for the AusIMM – both for you the members and the staff who support you.

For more information on the changing nature of privacy legislation, please refer to the following links:
The Privacy Act (1988)
Notifiable Data Breaches scheme

If you can’t find an answer to a question here, please email us: