Getting social

What we’re doing to make social media a professional tool that works for you.

Branches? Groups? Platforms? Favourites?

Managing social media platforms is a time-consuming process that changes priorities, algorithms and public sentiment at least every year.

What’s hot now, may not be the case by Christmas. Instagram is the flavour of the month with younger people, but they’re switching off Facebook. Older generations are getting more confident with Facebook but are torn between that and the allure of Twitter and LinkedIn.

We’re encouraging every branch, community and society to move away from social media as the first point of content delivery and move to the new website where the communications tools will integrate with other systems and platforms – providing each branch and community with a much bigger audience.

How does a branch or community communicate?

We’ve thought long and hard about how we make this as easy as possible for everyone while staying within the bounds of privacy expectations and the law. And we’re pretty proud of what we’ve come up with. You can read more about it here: A brave new world for branches and communities.

Having Facebook groups or LinkedIn profiles is a stop gap solution to what we’ve built on the new website for branches and communities of interest.

What’s the strategy here?

We’re decentralising, right down to an individual level. Our focus is on empowering the professional to succeed in a digital marketplace.

Social media is, at its core, an audience-building platform. Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are driven by community and engagement, whereas platforms like Instagram and Twitter tend to be more broadcast-oriented… but all four of them run on an economy of likes, shares, followers, comments and engagement. The more you engage, the more the algorithms reward your efforts, it’s an online meritocracy of content.

Our encouragement is to see the same for your own personal profiles. That the members of the AusIMM would use them to build an audience, discover the platforms your peers enjoy using and engage, share and provide valuable content to them as often as you can.
Likewise, the AusIMM is working hard to build that audience to best represent professionals in the resources sector online and represent the membership as a trusted voice for those professionals. Our commitment here is to raise the profile of resources professionals across Australia and the rest of the world.

The way we see it, one channel with an audience of 5,400, engaging in valuable content is far more powerful than 54 channels of 100 followers. And a far wiser investment of AusIMM resources. It also ensures your message gets out to the world when you have something particularly important to say.

Will the AusIMM share our event or news posts?

If a news post or event is in line with the work we’re doing to build that trusted voice for the resources sector, and we believe the content would be valuable to our broader audience, we may choose to share your content or event.

We also have to respect our audiences, however, and make sure we’re not saturating their news feeds with the news and events of all Communities from all over the world.

What if we have something important to say?

If a member or a branch has achieved something special. Perhaps it’s a joint event or some very special news, then we’d love to hear about it.

Getting in touch with the marketing team at the AusIMM is crucial. That way they can schedule and coordinate the marketing emails, news and social media for these types of special occasions. And ensure you’re exposed to the full breadth of our audiences across platforms.

Making sure the AusIMM’s social channels are used for exclusive announcements and meaningful content and not constant updates from across the country also means our audience is far more receptive to your content when it really matters.