Future Directions survey results

Who took part in our survey?

As the world of mining and AusIMM move forward with ever-evolving technological advancements, we took a survey to gauge how and why our members are utilising technology and heading in future directions.

Of the 992 total respondents, 85% were male, and 83% were 37 years of age or older, with the majority of these being between 37-55. When quizzed on what they currently value as most important in their careers, the most common responses were professional networking and professional development.

How are mining professionals using technology?

Of seven key topics including consulting and entrepreneurship, the two that were most valued by the surveyed members were technology and innovation. This shows the evolving landscape of the mining industry with professionals understanding the importance of always being prepared for technological changes and keeping an open mind as innovations continue to grasp the industry.

As these changes are happening both due to and around our professionals, 78% of those surveyed are currently feeling the impacts of technological changes in the workplace, with 14% not feeling it and 8% finding the question non-applicable to their particular line of work.

Skype, Google Drive and Evernote are the most common digital productivity tools amongst those surveyed, whilst more than half use social media on a daily basis, with LinkedIn, WhatsApp and Facebook being the most popular.

Conferences and the use of technology.

Here at AusIMM, we host numerous conferences across the year, scattered across our various local branches. Just under one-third of respondents stated that they currently attend the conferences regularly, with more than half of them stating that the main reason they do is for personal development.

More than two-thirds of members surveyed stated that recording the events, whether it via video or audio, is important and only 23% stated that they would not listen to them if they were available.

To go along with this, 96% of respondents see value in AusIMM using technology to make their events such as conferences available on a global scale.

With our fast-moving lives, both professionally and personally, it is vital that professionals in our sector keep up with the latest technologies and are given the best opportunities to utilise such advancements in their hectic lives.

What this means for AusIMM’s digital transformation.

This survey has given us a much better grasp on how our members feel about digital transformation in general and what we can do to accommodate this as we go through changes.

Keep checking our blog regularly for more updates on our ongoing digital transformation.